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Today I was able to get out on the lake and give the new Gullwing paddle a workout. The first thing that I noticed was the unique curve of the shaft which made the paddle comfortable to handle and the eva grips gave you a nice cushioned grip.. The curve on the blades are angled to cut through the water better and help create better speed when paddling. The first thing that I had to do was adjust my paddle stroke because the design of this paddle actually lets you glide along with less effort. I did notice that once the adjustment was made the kayak was moving faster through the water with a lot less effort. Another thing that was unigue is instead of the paddle coming apart for storage in the middle, which I have always found to be a weak point, the Gullwing actually has the shaft as a solid piece and each blade locking in. The paddle is very sturdy with no flex, powder coating on the lightweight aluminum shaft, which also has reflective decals on both sides to help you get noticed better. The unique angle of the shaft also made it stay in place instead of rolling around when you put it down to cast. I really enjoyed using the paddle today and look forward to the next trip out. By the way, I got skunked today because the heavy boat traffic had the water muddied up and made you feel like you were on a rollercoaster.

The Gullwing paddle is available at    it is currently availab;e in 215 and 230cm. I would like to see a 240cm in the future.

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See you on the water,


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