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Father’s Day Fishing   Leave a comment

For the last few years my brothers and I have made it an annual event to take our dad out fishing on fathers day weekend. This year instead of chasing redfish at the coast we made our way to Southwestern Oklahoma and did some pond jumping for Largemouth bass. My middle brother lives there and has access to some of the best fishable ponds around that have plenty of fish in them. We loaded up the kayaks and two man boat and headed out in the morning with the wind blowing pretty strong and the heat already building up. As usual, you can’t go fishing without turning it into a tournament so we set the quidelines and it was determined that the largest fish by weight would be the winner. The fishing was great with a lot of small fish falling prey to the Texas rigged Dinero worm and the BlackDog Jig that was being presented around the standing timber and matted grass. As the sun got up higher the temperature shot up well above triple digits making the bite slow down. I paddled out the back of the creek to go find deeper water to fish when I rounded the corner I could hear my dad saying something about a crappie hole he had found. When he lifted up the stringer there had to be atleast twenty large crappie on it, this was going to make for a good fish fry. Once I found some deeper water the larger bass started to be put on the scale and released back. It didn’t take long for me to jump into the lead with a bass that weighed 3’14oz, not as big as we usually catch here but big enough to be in the lead. While our dad was still tossing a road runner at the crappie we heard him yell about a big bass he had on the line. We watched him fight the fish on light tackle for what seemed like ten minutes then with one leap out of the water and a violent head shake the 7lb bass was gone. I immediately reminded him of who was still in the lead. After lunch I ditched the kayak and walked the cow trail to the shallow end of the pond that would later open up to a tree filled deeper section. Throwing a Texas rigged worm I ended up catching six bass from this area with the largest being over seven pounds and three others around five pounds each. The largest of these was bleeding when I picked him up to remove the hook from his lip. I noticed the tail of a fish sticking out of his throat and you can see the fat stomach of whatever he had just eaten. This turned out to be a great trip with my brothers and dad and I look forward to the next time we can get together again. I ended up winning the tournament……the payout was the fun filled day.

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GULLWING Paddle field test   Leave a comment

Today I was able to get out on the lake and give the new Gullwing paddle a workout. The first thing that I noticed was the unique curve of the shaft which made the paddle comfortable to handle and the eva grips gave you a nice cushioned grip.. The curve on the blades are angled to cut through the water better and help create better speed when paddling. The first thing that I had to do was adjust my paddle stroke because the design of this paddle actually lets you glide along with less effort. I did notice that once the adjustment was made the kayak was moving faster through the water with a lot less effort. Another thing that was unigue is instead of the paddle coming apart for storage in the middle, which I have always found to be a weak point, the Gullwing actually has the shaft as a solid piece and each blade locking in. The paddle is very sturdy with no flex, powder coating on the lightweight aluminum shaft, which also has reflective decals on both sides to help you get noticed better. The unique angle of the shaft also made it stay in place instead of rolling around when you put it down to cast. I really enjoyed using the paddle today and look forward to the next trip out. By the way, I got skunked today because the heavy boat traffic had the water muddied up and made you feel like you were on a rollercoaster.

The Gullwing paddle is available at    it is currently availab;e in 215 and 230cm. I would like to see a 240cm in the future.

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