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I grew up a soft plastics fisherman and continue to fish that way almost 95% of the time. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy tossing other lures in pursuit of fish, it’s just something that you have gained confidence in and it’s my go to lure of choice. One thing that I have found is sometimes smaller is better. You will usually find me tossing a Texas rigged Centipede by Zoom or a Lake Fork ring fry from Lake Fork Trophy Lures

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. These are my go to baits and they are rigged with a 1/8oz bullet weight and usually a 2/0 worm hook. There is something about the action or lack of action of these lures that seem to attract numbers of quality fish even when the bite is slow. It must be the lack of action that causes an impulse strike rather than a reaction strike. I was sent some Dinero worms by Get Five lures out of Austin,TX to try out and found them to be a great addition to my arsenal. I’m not sure if it the slender build of these lures or the tail design that triggered the strikes but they were producing just like the above mentioned lures that I am accustomed to throwing. On a recent river outing I put them to the test against my confidence baits and they matched them fish for fish. Alternating between the three different lures I found the bite to be the same no matter which one I was using. It could have been the added scent attractant that the Dinero comes soaked in which seemed to get the fish to hit it multiple times on the retrieve. I was purposely pulling it out of their mouths to see if the scent would cause them to pursue the lure and they would repeatedly hit the bait each time. Most of the bites on the french fry are suttle and you really need to watch your line, I think the fish just pick it up since it looks dead and move off with it, where the bite on the Dinero was the tell tale thump/thump. Another way to work these lures is by rigging them up on a Carolina rig. I usually go to a larger egg shaped sinker up to 1oz when I fish it this way and add a bead below the sinker on top of the swivel where a three foot leader or less is tied to give the lure a natural fall on the presentation. This is a great way to work deep sloping points and drop offs as well as another way to fish grass flats. When fishing the grass this way you are usually depending on leader length keeping the lure above the grass while you are working it through the strike zone. Both are excellent ways to make presentation to fish whether they are actively feeding or not. Good luck out there.

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