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Spent the weekend fishing and camping with some friends on the river. I took this time not only to relax and enjoy visiting with some people that I only get to see when we fish, but also to try out some products and lures that were given to me to test out their usefulness for kayak fisherman. The day started out with meeting up with everyone and get unloaded for our shuttle. We were soon on the water around 8am in the morning and wasn’t to long after we started catching some bass. It didn’t take long to establish a pattern, most of the fish came on soft plastics fished in about a foot of water as they were holding tight to the bank due to the release of water from the dam. I caught around 30 bass on the first day with a few being over five lbs in size. Once we found some grass I switched tactics from soft plastics to a top water, this was what they were looking for as I released fish after fish to the point that the three others fishing with me tied one on to try and get in on the action. We reached our island that we would be camping on for the night and proceeded to set up tents and then gather firewood to last through the night. As the sun set and the full moon started showing it was clear that we would not need headlights to move around during the night. It was nice to be able to see as you moved around and to get serenaded by a pack of coyotes as they ran up and down the bank across from us. The evening turned out cool as bedtime rolled around, it made for a nice night of sleeping. Arose to find that the release of water had halted and the water had dropped about three feet. The wind had also picked up to the point that there would be very little fishing while working our way to the takeout and a lot of paddling just to keep your momentum going forward. We reached the takeout only to find that our vehicles had been rummaged through the beds and anything not tied down was missing. They even took the bed extender from Pauls truck. First time to have this happen here but I guess it was bound to occur sooner or later. It was a great trip regardless and I look forward to the next one.

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