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There are many kayaks out on the market and all claim to do different things. The hardest thing about choosing one is getting the one that fits all of your fishing needs. Now I have owned many brands, Cobra, Native U12, Wilderness Ride and Four different Malibu’s. They were all good respected brands but none of them were designed with the fisherman in mind. The JK Coosa came along with the intent of luring fisherman by offering a kayak that is not only designed for fishermen but it was designed by a fisherman. The other brands would slap some rod holders on and call them a fisherman package but that was about it. The Coosa is basically a fishing platform, you can sit elevated in the high position seat and be comfortable all day as well as being at a better advantage for seeing what’s in front of you. If you are doing a lot of paddlin then you simply lower the seat and get after it, simple. Now I have never been one to stand in a kayak, that is another great design element is you are able to stand and sight cast as well as stand and paddle if you desire. Look at me in the picture. I am 250# and stood and paddled with no problem once I found my balance as well as developed trust in the kayak and myself. Will I do it all of the time, no. But if I want to I am able to. Another thing that I value in a kayak is storage. When camping out of it on a river fishing trip I need to have as much stuff under deck as possible. I was able to put more gear under the deck in the Coosa than I ever was in the other kayaks that I had owned. I also stayed dry in the kayak instead of sitting in water due to the weight. Their are also two rear slanted rod holders that allow your rods to ride in a swept back position instead of straight up, a much better design than others. The front and rear hatches have raised lids that keep water out as well as being able to lock them if you have gear stored inside and you need to run into a store you can lock them and have a little better piece of mind. There is a notch on both sides of the top of the deck where you would normally place your paddle when casting that aids in keeping your paddle in place, even on a windy day. There are many other features that can be found by going to the Jackson Kayak website. If you are a fisherman then this is another great tool.
See ya on the river,

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